About Us

Pablo Art Paints are an innovative new release from Mowilex, a wall paint manufacturer that’s known and loved by artists. Mowilex introduced the first water-based paints made in Indonesia in 1970. Since then, the company has continued to create pioneering new products.

Pablo Art Paints officially launched with the 2023 release of Pablo Mural Paints, Indonesia’s first specialty mural paint. Pablo Acrylic Paints followed, offering artists a ready-to-use acrylic paint with long-lasting pigmentation and colour.

Pablo Art Paints are produced by a manufacturer with an eco-friendly mission and an ongoing commitment to the environment. Mowilex is the first and only certified carbon neutral manufacturer in Indonesia. The company supports clean energy use and ongoing initiatives that help reduce carbon emissions.


Mowilex uses eco-friendly raw materials. The company also conducts independent TUV lab testing to measure VOC (volatile organic compound) levels for its products.

Prioritizing Quality

All Mowilex products are benchmarked for quality, formulated with the finest materials, and put through rigorous testing for colour vibrancy, friction resistance and weather resistance. The testing process involves independent artists who try out products firsthand.

Ethical Manufacturing

PT Mowilex Indonesia is the country’s first manufacturing company to be certified carbon neutral. Mowilex has also earned ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 9001:2015 certifications. These standards are related to upstream and downstream impacts ranging from the selection of raw materials to environmental responsibility for overall carbon footprint.